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On-Demand / Wednesday Shows

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Every Day 'Boker Tov' Shows

Boker Tov means Good Morning. 

A little music, the Shema, a little more music, the reading of the Shacharit prayers, a little more music, some scripture, a teaching, a little more music... thus you have the 'Boker Tov's'! Enjoy!


Torah Perspective

Hosts Eddie and Tammy Johnson 

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Council Fire


The Riverwinds

Chief Joseph & Dr. Laralyn Riverwinds discuss topics that we all need to hear.

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Mishkan Katan

Host Gena Hood

Exodus 25:8 and Acts 7:48-50 and 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

An exposition of Scripture, both Tanakh and Brit Chadasha, with relevant personal anecdotes or references to current events peppering the exposition as needed. 

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The Good Report

Host Gabriel Bartlett

Return of The Remnant


Your host Chad Wilhelm looks at some of the more pressing matters of Torah

Joined to HaShem_edited.jpg

Joined to HaShem

Host Mike Clayton

Mike Clayton teaches various subjects.


LAMB Event Archives

This time in our schedule is set aside to replay LAMB's memorable programs from past remote broadcasts.
This will also be the time when LAMB broadcasts our new LIVE Events.

Health Begins at Home Banner_edited.png

Health Begins at Home

Host Brooke Lounsbury talks about everything to do with medicine, health, big pharma...

The Hidden Voice of Hadassah

Host AviGayle O'Hare

Israel My Delight_edited.jpg

Israel My Delight

Hosts James and AviGayle O'Hare discuss Torah based topics.

Ruach Archive_edited.jpg

Ruach Ha Emet Various Archives

Rabbi Darryl teaches on various topics from his Sabbath broadcast of 'Ruach Ha Emet'. These broadcasts are those teachings.

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