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About The Messianic LAMB Network

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Formally known as The Messianic LAMB Radio
Now known as The Messianic LAMB Video Network

The 'Messianic LAMB Network' is group of interconnected believers in Messiah who live by the principles taught in Torah by the Messiah. 

30+ Messianic ministries use the LAMB Network's website (LAMBNetwork.TV) and social media accounts (Facebook and Twitch) to bring their message of Torah in Messiah to you and the world, either individually or corporately, with the sole purpose to promote unity in the body of Messiah.



Mark David Smith (owner and all the 'behind the scenes' operations) did his first LIVE radio show on a Saturday in June, 1969. He was 15 years old.

- LAMB Radio broadcast its first song over the internet in March, 2012.
- Eight friends gathered together with a vision to lay aside any doctrine or teachings that cause division 
and create a place where they, and others with the same vision could teach, discuss, interview and report newsworthy items in an atmosphere that didn't divide. Once you start a project like this, you find out how many other Messianic believers there are who agree with this type of vision.
- Though these eight people really were the original LAMB 'Network' so to say, we called it LAMB (The Messianic 'Lifestyle Audio Magazine Broadcasts') Radio.
- Over the next seven years, as many as 63 other Messianic believers crossed the LAMB airways to present their message. 34 of those were still broadcasting by the end of 2018. (I personally think those are pretty good statistics)

- The Messianic LAMB Radio '24/7/365 audio format' ran from March 2012 to the end of 2018. (If you do the math you'll see that we are within a year of our 10 Year Anniversary!)

- 2019 started a 'video only' format that allowed viewers to watch only when 'LIVE shows' are broadcast live through the LAMB social media accounts. All our shows are archived and can be watched 24/7/365.

- Out of 33 LAMB show host/producers, 26 decided to make the transformation to video. 4 of the 26 wanted to continue with video, but could not make a commitment to LIVE broadcasting. LAMB decided to 'grandfather' these individuals and allow them to submit their videos (at their convenience) to be viewed on the LAMB website.

- 2018 was a rough year for LAMB Radio. By Sukkot, we were sure that we were going to have to find a new way to get our audio to to the LAMB 'radio broadcasting' mixer or, turn the mixer off for good!
- A close Messianic brother, Paul Nison, (one of the first producers on LAMB Radio) had me on his Google Hangouts LIVE broadcast as a guest one evening during Sukkot that year. I was blown away by how Google Hangouts worked with YouTube. The LORD smacked me up side my head and said, "Well... what are you waiting for?" When the LORD smacks - I listen. Paul taught me how he used Google Hangouts and I taught myself (like everything else) to make it work for LAMB. 
- The last three months of 2018, the 26 people who decided to follow LAMB over to YouTube and Google Hangouts, carried that original vision across a threshold into a whole new format - video. Carrying us from 'The Messianic LAMB Radio' into what we now call 'The Messianic LAMB Video Network'. As long as you are being blessed by our programming, then all of us are blessed.

Our Unique State of Perplexity

- YouTube has to be the most popular, worldwide social media platform on the internet. The ability to afford a presence on YouTube should help to establish and maintain any person or group who has video content to share with the world!

- As a network of multiple ministries, we pursue and toil through a very unique issue with YouTube.

- Pretty basically, most channels on YouTube are maintained by an individual entity [one person, one ministry, business or organization...]. Keeping that in mind, when finding a new YouTube channel, it would be more common to expect content from 1 supplier of content - not 30+ different suppliers of content ALL on one channel.

- A new person finding the LAMB Network YouTube, Facebook and/or Twitch channels will probably find themselves asking, "Why are there so many people?" "Who are these people?" "Are these videos just teaching?... Discussion?... Interviews?..." "Are they ALL Torah observant?"

- YouTube has completely banned The LAMB Network account. Censorship is the new way of doing business for corporate America - but not ours.

We get it! That's why there's a website!

- The LAMB Network website helps to explain and answer all these questions and more. 

- With 30+ ministries all producing NEW content every week, this website has to be massive and will ALWAYS be under construction. 

- Poke around and see what you can find. If you get lost, yell - we'll hear you and come to rescue. But most of all don't be confused about who The 'Messianic LAMB Video Network' is - we are all a group of interconnected believers in Messiah who live by the principles taught in Torah by the Messiah. Gathered and networked together by Mark David Smith (Okay, the LORD Helped) to bring their message of the Torah in Messiah to you, either individually or corporately, with the sole purpose to promote unity in the body of Messiah.

- I've never done any of this before and no one has taught me anything. I make it up as I go along and take all the LAMB producers and all our listeners along for the ride with me. If you find the continuous changes exhausting - I am sorry! My intent is to bring you the message of the Messiah and make it keep on coming!
- My wife says, "Get it to the last place and leave it alone!" The website will never be done. The ministry progresses and so the website progresses. Hopefully you can progress with us and the website.

Which brings us to a new place in the 'history' and 'perplexity' of the LAMB Network.

- The roughness that made 2020 continues perpetually. The world changed / YouTube changed / The LAMB Network did not change.

- Once again YouTube is at the front of the battle. With all the controversy behind covid, vaccines, elections... YouTube's 'what you say' policy is out of control. LAMB has been put in YouTube jail twice now for a total of 3 weeks. One more time crossing the thin gray line and LAMB's Youtube account is gone for good - good riddance - do not pass go, do not collect your video archives!

- When LAMB Radio was up and running, we only broadcast through our LAMB website. The perplexity mentioned in the section above persists when we contemplate broadcasting again through the website - ONLY. But, oh how awesome it would be to be self- sufficient - not having to be under the watchful eye... Do I dare to separate LAMB from the worldly social medias conglomerates? Why not? Many others are doing it very successfully I might add! Truth be told - Youtube will probably make that decision for us first. Because of the constant audience flow, I will not break that bond first.

- Good - I'm glad you agree cause here we go! 

- At the beginning of the last condemned detention of the dreaded YouTube captivity, I found that a social media entity, Twitch, did not have the same dire policies that YouTube possesses. And that Twitch, StreamYard (the software our producers use to broadcast their shows) and WIX (the software I use to build our awesome website) all work together. HalleluYah! Glory to the LORD God Almighty! 

- Twitch became the new mediary (go between) that allows LAMB to broadcast all it's content (even what would normally be censored) straight through the website! 

- My goal of one day being able to broadcast continual streaming content is now very close at hand. 

- Baby steps are in order. With an enormous amount of work preparation ahead of time and a lot of hands on work during, LAMB will soon be broadcasting in short 3 to 4 hour blocks with continuous content.

- Starting with a few easy beta tests of 3 hour time spurts, they should tell us how all this will work.

- As of May 21, 2021 it looks as though all systems are go for our first beta test in a couple of days. 

- More to come!

Thank you for watching.
- Tell others about us (witness to others about the LORD first - then tell them about the great website and ministry you found)
- 'Share' any shows you like with your social media
- Donate - it still costs a tremendous amount every month to produce a network like LAMB and now with the new project - even more.
Most of all - pray for us! 
Thank you and God Bless,
Mark David Smith
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