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On-Demand / Sabbath Shows

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Every Day 'Boker Tov' Shows

Boker Tov means Good Morning. 

A little music, the Shema, a little more music, the reading of the Shacharit prayers, a little more music, some scripture, a teaching, a little more music... thus you have the 'Boker Tov's'! Enjoy!

The Sherry Flannigan Hour_edited.jpg

The Sherry Flannigan Hour

The late Sherry Flannigan went to be with the Most High as a result of complications with covid.

She was one of not only the most respected of teachers within the LAMB Community, but of anyone on the planet.

She is and will always be missed and remembered with only thoughts of joy!


Torah Perspective

Hosts Eddie and Tammy Johnson 

ASHREY! It’s Time to Bless!_edited.jpg

ASHREY It's Time to Bless!

Hosts David & Juanita Weiss
The Lord commands us to engross ourselves in the words of Torah. 
As we do, we get to see a sliver of His Kingdom each time. 
So Let’s embrace the Kingdom together as we examine a nugget from the weekly Torah readings! 

Ruach HaEmet_edited.jpg

Ruach Ha Emet / Rabbi Darryl Weinberg

Rabbi Darryl Weinberg brings gleanings from the week’s Torah Portion and insightful teachings that range from the depths of Jezebel to an exhaustive education with respect to the book of Revelation.


Journey Through Torah


Host Dr. David Jones

Torah Study Among Friends_edited.jpg

Torah Study Among Friends


Please join in on the discussion as we talk about the weekly Torah Portion, HafTarah & Brit Hadashah

Two and One Half Opinions_edited.jpg

Two and One Half Opinions

Hosts Chris Mathews Frank Zachor Jesse Mathews

Chris Matthews, Frank Zachor & Jesse Matthews discuss the week's Torah Portion and challenge your traditional way of looking at it.

I Stand Amazed_edited.jpg

I Stand Amazed

Hosts Mark David Smith & Stephen Morgan

Reconnect Banner White_edited.jpg

Reconnect / House of David

Host Barry Phillips, Elder with Bney Yosef NA, teacher, and worship leader is the founder of Remnant of Yisrael and of House of David in Gloucester Pt., VA in 2002. 

Walking in Spirit and Truth_edited.jpg

Walking in Spirit and Truth

Hosts John and Sandi Craig

Torah based topics.

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