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Newscasting Ancient Times

A skit segment from
The LAMB Original Show
'The Planet Chapter' with
Mark David Smith & Sandi Craig

What if... there were newscasters during Yeshua's time on earth?

What if... they were able to report, through television, the things Yeshua and His talmidim did while traveling through Israel during their ministry while here on Earth.

Sandi and Mark take us back to those days and become actors playing newscasters in these skits.

Follow with them through the many videos as they:

- interview actors playing witnesses to Yeshua's miracles

- meet and befriend a couple of the talmidim

- interview and receive news reports from embedded LAMB reporters

- spend the day watching Yeshua as He ministered to the people

Enjoy binge watching them all or pick one that looks interesting and watch it separately.

Each episode stands alone and can be watched separate from the others (but is more fun when watched in succession)

Mark David Smith wrote all the scripts and may have employed a small amount of literary license to achieve his perspective.

We hope you enjoy and share these examinations of what might have been if newscasters lived in Yeshua's day and recorded these narrations.

Click on the banner and it will take you to another page to watch the video.

< 1. Westend Synagogue
< 2. Celebrity Wedding / Guest Dr. Phil Gigliotti
< 3. Start of Healing / Guests Rabbi David & Pastor Juanita Weiss
< 4. Cousins Immersion Competition
< 5. Samaritan Woman at the Well
< 6. Cleansing The Temple
< 7. Throwing Out Money Changers
< 8. Massive Fish Catch / Guest Gena Hood
< 9. Teaching on a Hill
< 10. Raising the dead
< 11. Debating Torah Teachers & P'rushim
< 12. Healed man with Tzara'at
< 13. The Centurion's Servant
< 14. Peter's Mother in Law
< 15. Rebuke the wind / calm the water
< 16. Demons into pigs
< 17. Paralyzed man on the roof / Guest Eddie Chumney
< 18. Sending out the 70
< 19. Daughter dead / bleeding woman
< 20. Pool of Bethesda
< 21. Withered Hand on Sabbath
< 22. Yeshua is confronted
< 23. Beheading
< 24. Mother challenges Yeshua / Feeding 4000
< 25. Transfiguration
< 26. Who is the greatest in the kingdom
< 27. Yeshua is Torah driven / Guests Larry & Deborah Cigary
< 28. Caught committing adultery
< 29. Mud in my eye / with Guest Jo Cameron
< 30. Raising of Lazarus
< 31.  Up a tree / House guest of a sinner
< 32. Yeshua rides in to Yerushalayim on a colt
< 33. The Cross (this is not the last episode)
More coming soon! We will not leave Yeshua on the cross!
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