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On-Demand / Thursday LIVE Shows

The Planet Chapter_edited.jpg

The Planet Chapter

The Planet Chapter 
Hosts Mark David Smith & Sandi Craig, having hosted over 1000 shows together, are morphing 2 of they're favorites: 'Only Visiting This Planet' & 'The Next Chapter'

Get Organized God’s Way

Host Eileen Koff

Bringing God's order into every area of your life

One in Messiah_edited.png

One In Messiah

Host Dr. Phil Gigliotti

Phil's perspective on biblical based topics.

ASHREY! It’s Time to Bless!_edited.jpg

ASHREY It's Time to Bless!

Hosts David & Juanita Weiss
The Lord commands us to engross ourselves in the words of Torah. 
As we do, we get to see a sliver of His Kingdom each time. 
So Let’s embrace the Kingdom together as we examine a nugget from the weekly Torah readings! 

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