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The Planet Chapter

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Sandi Craig &
Mark David Smith
Hosts and Producers
Eastern: 9:30 AM
Central: 8:30 AM
Mountain: 7:30 AM
Pacific: 6:30 AM

Rebroadcast /
Eastern: 8 PM

Central: 7 PM
Mountain: 6  PM
Pacific: 5 PM

Having hosted over 600 shows together, Mark David Smith & Sandi Craig, are morphing two of they're favorite shows into one.
The LAMB original show 'Only Visiting This Planet' aired 5 days a week for 2 years (260 Shows) and the other LAMB original show, 'The Next Chapter', aired 202 shows. 
They will bring back the fun from 'Planet' and the seriousness from 'Chapter'.
Their endless list of guests will play along with Mark & Sandi's antics, but bring wisdom into their contemplative topics.
Each show brings a memorable look at the world we live in that will bring you back time after time, show after show!


Chapter 11: Guests - Phil and Debbie Burd

Chapter 10: Guest - Nitza Moshe

Chapter 9: Guests - Eddie and Tammy Johnson

Chapter 8: Guests - Jonathan Dade and Dave Mathews

Chapter 7: Mark And Sandi Only

Chapter 6: Guest - Rebecca Cruz

Chapter 5: Guest - Jake Rosen

Chapter 4: Mark And Sandi Only

Chapter 3: Guests - Shannon Eades (from Australia) and James & AviGayle O'Hare

Chapter 2: Guests - Kat & Leigh Hood

Chapter 1: Guests - Dave Mathews & Jo Cameron

For a YouTube list of our shows

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