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About Eileen Koff (

Eileen Koff is not your typical Certified Professional Organizer. With a passion that transcends the physical realm of “tidying up”, Eileen's journey is one of faith, transformation, and a profound understanding of the spiritual significance of order in our lives.
Born into a Jewish household, Eileen's spiritual path took a transformative turn when she embraced Christianity. This profound shift deepened her relationship with God and reshaped her perspective on the world of organizing. She believes that clutter isn't merely a physical challenge; it's a reflection of internal struggles, past regrets, and, at times, feelings of being distant from God.

Over the past two decades, Eileen has worked with countless Christians, guiding them through their organizational challenges and witnessing the profound impact of bringing God's order into their lives.

Her approach, deeply rooted in Christian values, goes beyond decluttering spaces; it's about decluttering the heart and soul.

As a mother to three wonderful sons along with her husband Wayne of over 40 years, Eileen has firsthand experience with the challenges many face - managing a bustling household, nurturing relationships, and finding time for personal growth and spirituality.

And yes, even as an empty nester, her journey of organization continues!

Her latest work, "Get Organized God's Way - Bring God's Order into Every Area of Your Life" is more than just a book. This Bible Study and Declutter Workbook stands as a testament to the transformative power of God's order.

Through this work, Eileen aims to illuminate the deeper, often overlooked spiritual dimensions of clutter and offers strategies rooted in our faith in God to overcome them.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will delve deep into the essence of this book, exploring each chapter and its key takeaways.

Eileen will share practical tips, personal anecdotes, and, most importantly, spiritual insights to guide viewers on this journey.

And while she'll be sharing from her vast experiences, she encourages viewers to reflect, ask questions, and share their stories as they embark on this path together.

So, for anyone struggling with clutter in their home, schedule, or heart, Eileen Koff invites you to join her on this transformative journey.

Discover the profound peace and purpose that comes from aligning one's life with God's divine order.

Eileen received the industry’s distinction as a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) in the inaugural offering in 2007.

She volunteered her service in NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) from 2004 -2013 as the education committee’s Communication Project Head, developer of several NAPO courses offerings, NAPO’s Newsletter Editor and NAPO News Publication Chair.

NAPO News won the prestigious APEX award in 2013. She has also earned a level two certification as a member of theI CD. (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) In March 2014 Eileen co-developed and presented “Getting Visible Results in a Virtual World” workshop to over 135 Institute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD) subscribers.

In 2009, To The Next Level became the first company in the Professional Organizing industry to receive an eco-consultant certification through Green Irene, a New York based company specializing in promoting Eco awareness.

Eileen was the featured eco-speaker at the NAPO 2010 convention in Columbus Ohio.

In January 2013 Eileen was awarded NAPO-LA “Best Green Service “award as the leading eco-organizer in the industry. 

In April 2013, Eileen spoke as a panelist the NAPO national convention in New Orleans “Stepping into ECO…Environmentally Conscious Organizers.”

Eileen proudly served as Devotion Director, writing a monthly devotions and prayers for Faithful Organizers, an online international Christian community of over 200 professional organizers. (2007-2015)

Between 2011-2014, she became a columnist for Christian woman’s magazine Just Between Us, with subscribership at over 8,500.

Her blogs can be found on many Christian sites, including in Sonoma Christian Home. Her original bible study Organize His Way was released in 2013, through Redemption Press, and most recently in 2023, she has expanded the study at the numerous requests to included several new chapters.

The New study is called “Get Organized God’s Way”. 

Her bible studies have been taught throughout the US, and soon she will be releasing a Leaders Guide so that anyone can teach this in their church/ Synogouge. 


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