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Past Present Herbs

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Host and Producer Rexanna Long
Morning Edition
Eastern: 11 AM
Central: 1
0 AM
Mountain: 9 AM
Pacific: 8 AM

Evening Edition
Eastern: 8 PM

Central: 7 PM
Mountain: 6 PM
Pacific: 5 PM

Morning Edition

- Sunday's show is about doing and not just sitting and listening and hearing.

I will teach herbal medicine and how simple it is to help your family with herbs.

In order to truly learn you must take action and do these projects for yourself.

Today you can learn for yourself.

Evening Edition 

- On Wednesday's show we will learn how and why we get sick and some ways we can help ourselves.

But we will move on and want to learn other things as well. 

As we make small changes in our lifestyles we will see a big change in our natural life as we did in our spiritual lives. 

Rexanna Long CMH

Wife-mom-Daughter of the King -grandma-herbalist- homesteader(gardener)


I’m from Texas, born and raised and love everything about Texas. I enjoy the freedoms that Texas has from the coast to prairie lands.

The beautiful flowers and native plants.

The variety of food that we all share.

My mother always had flowers everywhere and my grandmother’s roses are how I remember her.

My uncles had herbs and gardens with every kind of vegetable. I don't even remember them all, but they are responsible for planting the seeds of gardening in me.

I come from a background of gardeners and plant lovers.

So naturally, I’m a plant lover as well.

I’ve always loved herbs and have had an interest in them since I was a child.

I have known that they can help you but just didn’t know how. What has changed my life is medicinal herbs the most because I had asthma and was unable to breathe and had to carry an inhaler all the time.

My husband was given a diagnosis of his lungs due to his work environment.

He was being treated with several medications and still not getting better.

To my surprise, we both started getting better after a friend told us about an herb that would help us.

The next year in combination with a few other herbs I took myself off that inhaler.

It had repaired his lung tissue and made a few lifestyle changes that helped with my breathing.

My life has changed dramatically.

I’ve always been somewhat healthy and tried to be health-conscious.

But now we have gone all the way, and it feels great.

I just wish I had done this sooner.

It’s never too late to start learning 

1 Corinthians 6:19

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