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Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap Banner.png
Hosts and Producers Jon Kalb
Eastern: 11 AM
Central: 10 AM
Mountain: 9 AM
Pacific: 8 AM

Rebroadcast /
Eastern: 6 PM

Central: 5 PM
Mountain: 4 PM
Pacific: 3 PM

Bridging the Gap’s name says much about the show, the main goal of the show to help live up to whatever truth they have obtained, no matter where they learned it from.

Relating the news of the day with scripture, and that no matter where you are in your walk with Yahuah through His son Yahusha there are always new lessons to apply to our lives.

Hopefully once in awhile there might even be a nugget that comes through in this show, as in so many others that I have learned from.  

Jon's Bio:

What I always tell people about myself is; I’m a pour, dumb farmer from South Dakota who loves Yah.

I hated school and it was hard for me, it wasn’t until I chose to follow the Messiah at 28 years old that I actually started trying to learn, starting from there at about 5th grade reading level the study of scripture has taught me to read and think and teach about Yahusha and the blessings that come from Him.  Jon Kalb

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