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Producer Page

We are now bringing in many new shows.

In setting up the producers of these shows, I find it hard to remember who was told what.

But, there are times I find even producers who have been around awhile may not be aware of some things.

So... I decided to work on a list of reference information that hopefully will relate to everyone broadcasting on LAMB.


I will not number the points because most are not any more important than the others - with 1 exception:

- #1 and more important than any other point - we are the LAMB 'Network'.

Network definition > An extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support.

     - LAMB was developed with the sole purpose of promoting ministries of integrity.

     - When the audience of one ministry 

I no longer broadcast any show on any LAMB related YT - only LAMB's FB, Twitch and website. All other YT's belong to the individual producer. 

When we schedule LIVE shows on Friday morning, any individual producers YT (that has been put in the SY destinations and has been pre-approved by the producer) will be added to their SY scheduled show. That scheduled show should show up on their YT list of 'Upcoming Shows'. Once we have their show scheduled, that producer can then change or add whatever they want to their YT listing within their own YT.

I do not have access to anyones YT account - only that LAMB's SY has their destination listed - by them.

Once again, since you didn't tell me where the 'flash' came from, and the website doesn't show any published listing titles, I guess it came from LAMB's FB and/or Twitch. The titles for both of those come from our scheduling on Friday mornings. I could give you login access to both, but I don't have any idea how to change, or even if the title listings can be changed after they've been scheduled. I would have to have a change

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