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While laying the groundwork to write this book I found that I had trouble visualizing the logistics surrounding the area where this storyline took place. I ended up doing 2 years of research before writing the book just to understand the set up for the layout of the storyline.

After this process I was able to produce a documentary which if watched before you read the book will help you understand the logistics of the storyline. From Joseph to the Exodus - A Satellite Perspective


This story covers the time period from the first plague through the camp before crossing the Red Sea  of the Hebrew's exodus from Egypt. It is a massive novel covering a massive storyline.

To help you navigate through the storyline I've added some 'helps' below that you may want to look over before starting to read the story. Most of them you won't know what you're looking at, but once you start to read the story they will come to your remembrance. At this point, go back to these 'helps' and let them help you to envision your way through this massive storyline undertaking.

Be sure you read the 'Introduction' before you start the chapters.

If any of the links don't work or you have questions, contact Mark here.


This is a list of pictures that should help you visualize where many parts of the storyline happen.

- The Nile Delta

- Cities of Egypt

- Quantir / Goshen

- Satellite view of the Nile Delta Canal system

- (Only applicable for chapters 27 thru 30) Map of Final Camp before the Crossing


Index of Places

As you progress through the storyline, it is nice to have some references to each location.


Index of Names

There are many personal Hebrew & Egyptian names in this story.

- This list will give you the pronunciation of each name, where (chapter) they are found in the storyline and their relation to the main characters

Introduction before reading book

Introduction / Read Only

Introduction / Audio Only



Under each chapter heading is a description of what happens in the chapter. Many times I've needed to go back and check or remember something that happened in a previous storyline and the description helped me to locate it.

Click on the chapter heading in red to read the chapter

Chapter 1: ‘Yeah, I know, blood, huh?’ 

Plague 1 – Blood

  • The inlet turns into a ‘bloodlet’


Chapter 2: ‘thank us 'Brews' for returning you 'Gyps's water to the canals’

Plague 2 - Frogs

  • Meet the ‘Ha Ra'ah Shesh’ which means ‘The Friends of Six’

  • Oh, and FROGS!


Chapter 3: “It will be the children who lead us into the land promised by HaShem”

  • Simchona and her mother wait patiently for her father.

  • Hasani meets a Hebrew priest who entrusts an important mission to Hasani and

Simchona because they are the only ones who can pull it off


Chapter 4: It’s like they’re all sprawled out on their bellies

                        - Hasani takes Simchona to find father

                        - Abiram, Sims father imprisoned


Chapter 5: You mean, you want to labor?

                        - Rashidi shows racism

                        - Bana, Layla, Quibs prepare to go Goshen

                        - Visit to Ester and Simchona

                        - Kids start to port


Chapter 6: I expect it from a stinking slave

                        - Kids arrive at port

            Plague 3 - Insect swarm

                        - Chaim goes to labor

                        - Yigal take Bana, Quibs home

                        - Layla gets hurt

                        - Yigal gets Sabola to go home

                        - Yigal captured in morning

                        - Benyamin looking for Yigal


Chapter 7: You and your staff have a new look

                        - Bastet's history of medical

                        - Bastet & Hasani go to City

                        - Assir and Hasani go with Korah to Memphis

                        - Korah, Moshe, Aharon and Pharaoh meet


Chapter 8: The boy has never been back to Goshen

            Plague 4- Flies / Dysentery

                        - Bana meets old man on bridge

                        - Bana goes to visit Simchona

                        - They go to Yigal's house

                        - Thaubit's journey to find Yigal


Chapter 9: Let's get this done

                        - Thaubit picks up Bana to find Sani and Chaim

                        - Sani devises plan to rescue Yigal

                        - Yigal's total rescue


Chapter 10: I want to walk to that door

                        - Sani falls asleep waiting on Chaim and Yigal

                        - Yigal collapses

                        - Chaim & Bastet take Yigal home

                        - Bana takes Sims home then goes to Yigal’s

                        - Bastet does chiropractic work on Yigal's mother Ruth

                        - Lazar invites them to a meeting


Chapter 11: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord

                        - Hebrew accommodation meeting with Moshe and Aharon


Chapter 12: Everyday life replaced our everyday God

                        - Sabola exchanges horses and rides to Goshen then back

                        - Yedidyah and Chaim spends time riding and talking

                        - They meet with Chaim's brother Feival

                        - Bana and Quibs bring Sims to their home

            Plague 5 - Dead Livestock

                        - Military men ride through Qantir looking for bridge to Goshen


Chapter 13: If they kill them, their family will have lost them all at once!

                        - Military men and taskmasters come to get Egyptian livestock

                        - Military men check to see if any Egyptian livestock are left

                        - Yahoshua and group of men taken to southern Egypt

                        - Moshe and Aharon tell Goshen council of next plague


Chapter 14: "We have to go!"

                        - Yahoshua and his team taken to Lower Egypt

                        - Moshe and Aharon go into Pharaoh's bathroom

                        - They blow dust causing next plague

            Plague 6 - Boils / Hemorrhoids

                        - Yahoshua and his team dig hole to bury Egyptian animals

                        - They take boats and sleep



Chapter 15: Yeah, these 'brews' got no fight

                        - Yahoshua and his team encounter African people

                        - Rescue other Hebrew men in Egypt


Chapter 16: too busy taking care of their hemorrhoids right now to bother us

                        - 360 rescued Hebrew men walk thru the night to Goshen


Chapter 17: no one did what Yiggy did, this prayer thing

                        - Akhom and Sabola talk about God of slaves

                        - Yigal & Chaim tell Sani & Bana about a hail storm mixed with fire

            Plague 7 - Hail / Storms

                        - Sabola and Sani last out the storm in Sabola's business shop


Chapter 18: "Thanks, but what about my clothes?"

                        - Three months of restructuring

                        - Assir and his mother argue / Assir leaves

                        - Assir leaves with painter’s wagon


Chapter 19: "Wahnesyt oankh."

                        - Rebekkah prays / Korah sends men to look for Assir

                        - Assir travels up Nile / Connects with men of Goshen


Chapter 20: "The 'duck' you Rash-head."

                        - Moshe and Aharon tell Yahoshua of their meeting with Pharaoh

            Plague 8 - Locusts

                        - Pharaoh's military prepare to attack but locusts send them back

                        - Moshe and Aharon go to meet with Pharaoh

                        - Assir, Yigal and Sims go to tell Bana and Sani about darkness

                        - Sani and Bastet stay at Yigal's house for darkness

                        - Sabola's family stays at Sims house for darkness

                        - Wind blows locusts away


Chapter 21: "Very soon my brother, very soon."

                        - Moshe and Aharon ride with Korah away from Pharaoh meeting

                        - Aharon confronts Qantir people carrying gold & silver

            Plague 9 - Darkness

                        - Moshe stays with Aharon's family during darkness

                        - Moshe tells story of his family


Chapter 22: When the Most High says three days, it's three days.

                        - During darkness Assir & Chaim talk of Chaim's journal

                        - Aharon re-meets same people on way to see Pharaoh

                        - Africans at dock

                        - Moshe & Aharon meet with Pharaoh at Egyptian celebration


Chapter 23: That night, they are to eat the meat, roasted in the fire

                        - Bastet & Sani debate leaving with Hebrew people

                        - Sabola and Bana talk with Bastet & Sani about leaving

                        - Aharon and Moshe meet with leaders

                        - Yigal & Mahola go to help Sims family


Chapter 24: I cannot hate your people

                        - Yigal, Assir and Chaim's family figure out Sani is going to die

                        - Yigal & Assir go to Sabola to get wagon & horses for Sims' family

                        - Yigal & Sabola confrontation in Sabola's office

                        - Sabola & Bana realize Sani will die


Chapter 25: "Rashidi, your brother is our first.. born."

                        - Assir and Yigal help Sims' family to load wagon

                        - Sabola reveals to Bana at office why Thaubit hates Hebrews

                        - Sabola's family talks about leaving & Sani and Thaubit dying

                        - Sabola & Layla go to talk to Sani & Bastet

                        - Bana shows up and they all find out Sani won't die


Chapter 26: the cloud was Adonai himself

            Plague 10 - Killing of the Firstborn

                        - Sabola watches Qantir people yell at Hebrew people

                        - Sani, Bastet & Bana’s family leave

                        - Sani and Bana look for their friend’s families

                        - Mixed multitude explanation

                        - Yahoshua attacks prison and frees prisoners

                        - First night at Sukkot

                        - Cloud turns to fire

                        - Leadership meeting discusses what to do with mixed multitude


Chapter 27: It will have to be a little stricter here

                        - Sabola talks about being in the camp

                        - Hebrew man tells Sabola about someone to help him

                        - Ahira talks to Sabola about where he will stay eventually

                        - Sabola's family find Sims camp

                        - Sims & Esther find out Sani didn't die

                        - Yedidyah agrees to sponsor Sabola's family

                        - Chaim find out Sani didn't die

                        - Feival goes back to their camp to stay with them as an escort

                        - The assemblage travels two days and camps again


Chapter 28: "This is my new peoples Chaim. I want to learn their ways of life. I want to fit in."

                        - Sabola sets up with Yedidyah

                        - Sabola & Sani have heart to heart talk with Yahoshua

                        - Sabola's family are given freedom to be unescorted

                        - They learn that there are 3 million people traveling

                        - Sims father meets Sani & Sabola

                        - Sims, Bana, Chaim and Sani look for Yigal’s camp

                        - Sani learns of tribal banners


Chapter 29: Who am I to keep you from your six?

                        - Sims, Bana, Chaim & Sani find Yigal’s camp

                        - They go looking for Yigal

                        - Yigal is on the mountain with two children

                        - Yigal falls onto ledge

                        - Sani rescues Yigal

                        - They all go to Yigal’s camp and then leave


Chapter 30: "He sent us His voice."

                        - The boys meet Barnabas who knows of their stories of rescue

                        - They find Assir's camp

                        - The six are united for the first time since Chapter 2

                        - Korah, Moshe, Aharon, Yahoshua & Caleb show up

                        - Rebekkah tells the story of the six

                        - The parents of each kid join their children

                        - Rebekkah becomes emotional and Korah has to finish

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