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The Chameleon Church Show  (LIVE)
Producer & Host Allan Aguirre
Co-Host Rabbi Darryl Weinberg
Co-Host Dr. Jamie Louis
Friday War Room  (LIVE)
Co-Host Rabbi Darryl Weinberg
Co-Host Milena Weinberg
Co-Host Yossie Weinberg
Four Corners News Pre-Recorded Videos (not live)
Video Editor Mark David Smith
Producers of individual videos: John CraigSherry Flannigan, James O'Hare and AviGayle O'Hare,
     Rabbi Darryl WeinbergDr. Jamie Louis & Mark David Smith
Show Segment Hosts: John CraigSandi CraigSherry Flannigan, James O'Hare and AviGayle O'Hare,
     Rabbi Darryl Weinberg
 Mark David Smith
Show Segment Co-Hosts: Jo CameronSandi CraigSherry Flannigan, Rabbi Darryl Weinberg,
     Dr. Jamie Louis & Mark David Smith
The Hidden Voice of Hadassah (LIVE)
Producer & Host AviGayle O'Hare
Highest Praise Church A Mark David Smith Production
Individual Praise and Worship videos along with selected segments of preaching
His Great Name
Producer & Host: Sherry Flannigan
His Word Heals Pre-Recorded Videos (not live)
Producer & Host Dawn Hagedorn
HR5 'Equality Act' Bill Updates Pre-Recorded Videos (not live)
Producer & Host: Mark David Smith
(LAMB Network held a HR5 'Equality Act' Bill Conference June 2, 2019)
Israel My Delight (LIVE)
Producer & Host James O'Hare and AviGayle O'Hare
Israel Update Pre-Recorded Video (not live)
Producer & Host James O'Hare and AviGayle O'Hare
Journey Through Torah Pre-Recorded Videos (not live)
Producer & Host: Dr. David Jones
Melo HaGoyim Learning Center (LIVE)
Producers & Hosts: Rabbi James Byers, Rabbi II James Byers, Rabbis AviYah Byers
      & Minister Shameka Byers
Merciful Servants of God (LIVE)
Producer & Host Kennard Levi Brown
Monday Let Us Reason Together (LIVE)
Producer & Host John Craig
Co-Host Sandi Craig
Co-Host Rabbi Darryl Weinberg
Co-Host Mark David Smith
Monday War Room (LIVE)
Co-Host John Craig
Co-Host Sandi Craig
The Next Chapter (LIVE)
Producer & Host Sandi Craig
Co-Host Jo Cameron 
Co-Host Sherry Flannigan
Remnant Radio Pre-Recorded Videos (not live)
Producer & Host Nitza Moshe
Ruach Ha Emet Messianic Synagogue (LIVE)
Producer & Host Rabbi Darryl Weinberg
Sunday Let Us Reason Together (LIVE)
Producer & Host James O'Hare
Co-Host AviGayle O'Hare
Co-Host Kennard Levi Brown
Sunday War Room (LIVE)
Co-Host Dr. Jamie Louis
Co-Host AviGayle O'Hare
Super Heroes of The Messianic Lifestyle Pre-Recorded Videos (not live)
Producer & Host Mark David Smith
Thursday War Room (LIVE)
Co-Host Jo Cameron
Co-Host Sherry Flannigan
Torah Study Among Friends (LIVE)
Producers & Hosts James & AviGayle O'Hare
Tuesday War Room (LIVE)
Co-Host Judith Garton
Co-Host Jo Cameron
Walking in Spirit and Truth (LIVE)
Producers & Hosts John Craig and Sandi Craig
Wednesday War Room (LIVE)
Co-Host AviGayle O'Hare
Co-Host  Rabbi Darryl Weinberg 

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