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The list of shows below include:
LAMB Radio (audio only) Archives

- LAMB Radio aired 24/7/365 between 2012 & 2018. Over 10,000 hours of archived content from those timeless LIVE broadcasts were preserved on an external harddrive. Show by show by show is now being acclimated into the current LIVE Broadcasts of LAMBNetwork.TV
Retired LAMB Video Archives
- Once a show has run its course and retired its broadcasts, it may show up on the LAMBNetowrk.TV schedule.
Videos Sets
- Shows such as the 'Boker Tov' morning shows that have been produced with several audio and/or video segments together as one video.
- Shows produced outside of the LAMB purview yet still follows LAMB's format and integrity.
- A series of shows broadcast each week in succession.

LAMB Remote Broadcast Conferences & LIVE Concert Archives 
- LAMB celebrates 10 years of broadcasting. Through those years, LAMB LIVE broadcast many remote gatherings such as indoor and outdoor Moedim celebrations including, but not limited to Sukkot & Shavuot along with physical, indoor conferences & concerts.
LAMB also has hosted many on-line conferences & concerts.

- now playing in the LAMB Network Schedule -

Non-Live Shows

Boker Tov Shows

Every Day 'Boker Tov' Shows

Boker Tov means Good Morning. 

A little music, the Shema, a little more music, the reading of the Shacharit prayers, a little more music, some scripture, a teaching, a little more music... thus you have the 'Boker Tov's'! Enjoy!

Council Fire

The Riverwinds

Chief Joseph & Dr. Laralyn Riverwinds discuss topics that we all need to hear.

Foundations in Torah

Host Dr. Dinah Dye

Dr. Dinah Dye was raised in Ottawa, Canada, in a conservative Jewish home.  She attended Hebrew school, celebrated the festivals with her family, and enjoyed summers at an Orthodox Jewish summer camp.  

Hebraic Heritage Ministries

Host Eddie Chumney is the founder of Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int'l. Eddie is a leading national and international speaker on the Hebraic Roots of Christianity. He is recognized as one of the most brilliant scholars in Hebraic studies you will ever hear. He inspires and motivates believers to more intense and devoted study of the Word of God like few men can do. 

Health Begins at Home

Host Brooke Lounsbury talks about everything to do with medicine, health, big pharma...

I Stand Amazed

Hosts Mark David Smith & Stephen Morgan

Mark David Smith and Stephen Morgan, along with guests from time to time discuss how amazing God is in multiple aspects.

Joined To HaShem

Host Mike Clayton

Mike Clayton teaches various subjects.

Kingdom Road with the late Joseph Israel

Host: the late Joseph Israel

From the LAMB Radio archives, Joseph Israel give one of the most unique spins to Torah that has ever been conveyed to a public forum.

LAMB Events

Various Speakers

LAMB's memorable programs from past remote broadcasts. 

This will also be the time when LAMB broadcasts our new LIVE Events.

Life of Worship

Hosts John Craig or Sandi Craig

Join John and Sandi Craig as they bring you their weekly message from the Life of Worship Congregation 

Messianic Joy

Host Evonne Mandella

Topics on Torah based discussion

Only Visiting This Planet

Hosts Mark David Smith & Sandi Craig

One of the original LAMB Radio broadcasts.
The first show aired January 1st 2017 and ended up with 196 audio / radio shows. 
Keep an open mind while listening and enjoy this journey back in time

Reconnect / House of David

Host Barry Phillips

Your host: Barry Phillips, Elder with Bney Yosef NA, teacher, and worship leader is the founder of Remnant of Yisrael and of House of David in Gloucester Pt., VA in 2002. In addition to Reconnect, he co-hosts Foundations For Life with Mike Clayton. He and his wife Laura, married for 34 years, have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren to date. They reside in Gloucester, VA.

Remnant Radio

Host Nitza Moshe

Nitza, along with her guests and co-hosts discuss everything from viruses to essential oils.

Return of the Remnant

Host Chad Wilhelm

Various Torah based topics.

Various Series / Ruach Ha Emet

Host Rabbi Darryl Weinberg

Rabbi Darryl teaches on various topics from his Sabbath broadcast of 'Ruach Ha Emet'. These broadcasts are those teachings.

Torah Life

Host Paul Nison

From the LAMB Radio archives, Paul Nison gives his take on Torah and health.

Torah Perspective

Hosts Eddie and Tammy Johnson

A spin-off from the LAMB original show 'Let Us Reason Together (Monday Edition). Eddie & Tammy bring their own twist to the weekly parsha and John & Sandi Craig join in from time to time.

Torah Proportion

Hosts David Weiss, Mark David Smith & Larry Cigary

Discussing individual topics from the week's Torah Portion.

Two and One Half Opinions 

Hosts Chris Mathews Frank Zachor Jesse Mathews

Chris Matthews, Frank Zachor & Jesse Matthews discuss the week's Torah Portion and challenge your traditional way of looking at it.

Uncensored News

Hosts Dr. Dinah Dye & Dr. Rik Wadge

A weeks worth of top stories and current events discussed in one half hour.

Uncommon Journeys

Host Priscilla Lack

Discover your keys to emotional healing as Priscilla Lack walks us through our uncommon journeys.