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ThanksForGiving to LAMB Radio

Enjoy your Sabbath with Music

- Let LAMB be the background music of your Sabbath.

- Effective Immediately - the only show on Sabbath will be 2 ½ Opinions @ 5:30 Central. No other shows (including ‘Sabbath War Room Prayers’) will be broadcast.

Coming Next Week

- ‘Nitza Moshe’s Remnant Radio’ will continue an interview with veteran LAMB producer Priscilla Lack.

Coming up in the next couple of months

- ‘Feedback Survey’

- ‘Social Media’ to help you follow our LIVE shows

- ‘Early Morning Shows’

- ‘Special Events’ ‘Winter Conference with Valerie Moody’

- ‘The LAMB Archived Show Vault’ will be opened

- 6 New LAMB Original Shows Coming Very Soon!!!

1. ‘Uncommon Journey’ / Host Priscilla Lack

2. ‘The Gospel of Torah’ / Host Harry Johnson

3. ‘Tikvah’ / Host Liliana McDermott

4. ‘Return of the Remnant’ / Host Chad Wilhelms

5. ‘Only Visiting This Planet’ / Host Mark David Smith

6. ‘Torah or Not Torah - Game Show’ / Hosted by:

- Rabster Immanuel Gomez Darling and Mark Vader Smith

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