LAMB's New UnCensored
Broadcasting Platform / Twitch

Broadcasting ONLY through the LAMB website for all the radio years of 2012 through late 2018, was a struggling roller coaster ride for sure. We strapped ourselves in, persevered and rode it out.

In late 2018, the LORD led The LAMB Network to a new platform. Video!

Working in a video format afforded LAMB the ability to expand broadcasting venues, namely YouTube and Facebook. It was new, hard ground for the LAMB multi-host/show ministry, but the LORD wanted His message found and heard. We tilled that hard ground and the LORD fertilized it!


Today, even after passing 1k, LAMB's YouTube channel grows by 3 to 10 new subscribers a week. It would be a death trap to leave. Yet, if our YouTube and Facebook audience knew what lurks just around the corner watching and waiting for LAMB to screw up - again, it might pay a little more attention to the LAMB Network website.

The world changed. YouTube changed with it. LAMB didn't.

Some of LAMB's producers voiced their opinions on this change. YouTube decided to make sure we knew that they noticed our reluctance to this change and punished us - twice. After a warning didn't work, BAM! YouTube jail for a week. Now, the LAMB producers skirt the issues trying to make sure they don't cross the YouTube and Facebook censorship line.

No one knows where this new world system will take us. This week speaking against the vaccine / next week preaching the word of God might get one permanently banned from ALL social medias via our new world leader!


We believe the LORD led us to another new path, one less traveled.

In an effort to make sure the LORD's message goes forth from the LAMB Studios, a new platform path has been developed where LAMB can bypass YouTube &/or Facebook - along with their censorship. It's the social media gaming platform - 'Twitch'.

Of all the other mediary* platforms - Why Twitch?

3 reasons:

#1. The primary broadcasting software, StreamYard, used by all the LAMB producers, has a Twitch destination built into it. This saves an enormous amount of time and money in mediary set up.

#2. The mediary platform has to be able to handle multiple pre-scheduled broadcasts. Twitch is one of the few mediaries that does just that.

#3. If LAMB looses end-game platforms (places to watch LAMB shows) already used such as YouTube and Facebook, LAMB needs to be able to broadcast directly through the LAMB website and the website software needs to be able to receive the broadcast. LAMB's website software has a video player able to receive a broadcast directly from Twitch already built into it. 

- It would seem to me that if the software sending the signal is pre-setup for Twitch and the software receiving the signal is pre-setup for Twitch - maybe we should use Twitch!  It works!


There is nothing LAMB would like more than to be self contained - meaning we would rather have our own mediary software and not have to use a social media 'mediary' like Twitch at all. 

- To use a stand alone mediary software will cost us at least $99 a month. Right now that is not in LAMB's budget. Any thoughts?


*A mediary is a platform that links two software programs together.


Twitch is a very secure platform with a chat feature. As long as they allow us to broadcast our message - without censorship - we will thank the God of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaacov for them daily.

YouTube and Facebook is a good place to be found by those who aren't familiar with LAMB, but these social media giants post very little information about the 30+ ministries that make up 'The Messianic LAMB Video Network'. LAMB has always maintained a website presence that highlights its multi-host/show ministry information to bridge that gap.


Getting our shows watchable on the website gets people to the website. Getting people to the website expands our audience! Twitch helps to accomplish this task.

Most shows will remain broadcasting with multiple destinations through YouTube and Facebook. Some shows will split their shows in two or more segments so they can remain broadcasting through YouTube and Facebook for the first part of their show and then switch over to Twitch to broadcast uncensored content for another segment.

These split shows have essentially created new shows because they are broadcast separately from the original show. 

LAMB is hoping for new uncensored shows to form as this new format takes shape.


Archives of the uncensored broadcasts.






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All LAMB's LIVE UnCensored  shows will be broadcast through this player without chat

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