Messiah in Prophecy

Messiah in Prophecy

Did you know that 27% of the Bible is about prophecy and that most prophecy has yet to be filled?  “Messiah in Prophecy” will be a show that tackles the tough questions concerning prophecy.  We will be taking a literal approach to analyzing and studying all Bible prophecies.  Many of these prophecies speak of the Jewish Messiah — Yeshua Hameshiach (Jesus the Messiah).  So we shall be studying the Scriptures that pertain to the First Coming and the Second Coming of Yeshua.  We shall also be keeping a watch out for pertinent news about the world and Israel that relates to prophecy.

Did you also know that Israel is the missing link to End Times prophecy!  All of these End Times prophecies include Israel as well!  The Lord has a prophetic plan for Israel and the Body of Messiah in these last days.  Are you ready to see it unfold?  Join Dr. Rich as he takes us through “Messiah in Prophecy.”

Richard Hill

Rich is a Messianic Pastor with Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation ( since 2003 and a Ministry Representative with CJF Ministries ( since 2000.

Rich has been preaching and teaching Jewish Roots for 27 years.  You can listen to his teachings on Facebook (@bethyeshualv) and Youtube (Beth Yeshua Las Vegas).

Rich is the author of two books: Israel in Prophecy, A Chronology; and Freedom in Messiah, A Messianic Jewish Roots Commentary on the Book of Galatians.  Both books can be purchased at our online bookstore (

Richard received his M.A. in Religion in 1996.  He also received his Ph.D. in Theology in 2010.  Richard is an astute teacher and communicator of God’s Word.  All who hear his teachings will be blessed!

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