The Messianic LAMB Video Network Presents

 Keeping Focus in

Distracting Times / Shavuot

Practical advice to people of all ages on how to keep focus on the Almighty

while handling the struggles that face us at every time and season of life.  

The last broadcast was: Sunday May 9 2021

Theme: Since it is close to Shavuot we will be focusing on Yeshua sending His Holy Spirit on Shavuot and the Holy Spirit's ministry to us, in us and through us today. Also the importance of the Holy Spirit in our lives, especially in these last days. 

Please pray and bring forth what the Holy Spirit would desire for this conference.

Your Hostess 
Sherry Flannigan
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3 Speakers: (click on the speakers' name to hear their individual teaching)

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9 AM Pacific
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1 PM Eastern
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