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His Word Heals

Dawn Hagedorn
Producer & Host

  'His Word Heals' takes the passion of Dawn Hagedorn and let's her speak from the inner soul to announce that which few allow themselves to take notice of otherwise. Dawn has a fervor for Israel which grants her the excitement of letting you see what she sees when you watch her videos.

History of 'His Word Heals'

  Dawn emailed LAMB Radio on July 17, 2017 to ask if there was room for show of her kind within our schedule. Her first audio show aired August 4, 2017 and was well underway to be a vital part of LAMB's repertoire.

  When LAMB switched over to 'all video' she was hesitant but eager to get her message out, no matter what field of media any of the on-line stations required. 

  She still maintains a weekly audio show on Hebrew Nation Radio, but continued with LAMB by producing pre-recorded teaching videos and shorter version news reports. She didn't disappoint.

  Her first video, Biblical Healing, published on LAMB January 19, 2019 with several to follow, published on a sporadic basis.

  On June 28, 2019 she produced the first in a video series titled 'Esther - Hidden Key to Prophecy?'. 



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