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Hebrews Lesson 9
Melchizedek Priesthood Overview
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His Great Name

About 'His Great Name'

I began to have a desire to spread the truth and depth of my compassion for others to know the Messiah as it became apparent that many in the Hebraic Roots had never been asked the simple question “Do you know Him?” 


People talked ABOUT Him but the compassion that comes with a personal relationship with Him was not evident in their lives. We had made assumptions that all of those in our newly found walk in the Messianic Kingdom had experienced the basics as most came through the Church. 


Surprisingly I saw many had a lack of knowledge regarding the basics of salvation and our inheritance through Yeshua, what He obtained for us by His death and resurrection, the Blood of Yeshua and it’s power and the person and the fullness of the Ruach HaKodesh ( Holy Spirit) and His gifts.


Through this program of “His Great Name” I endeavor to teach those basics and how to apply the covenant promises to our everyday lives so that we can live victoriously pleasing the Father and setting examples for others. We have a responsibility as the Bride of Messiah to reach out to those who do not know Him and to teach those who lack knowledge to enhance the Kingdom of Messiah by preparing for His soon return.


Many people do not realize there is a REAL spiritual enemy and the battle rages much less how to combat and defeat those forces. Like I’ve said many times before: “ hasatan is not some cartoon character dressed in a red onsie with horns and tail carrying a pitchfork. he is a very astute adversary who wants to kill us,  steal our inheritance and destroy us for eternity.” ( note: I do not capitalize any reference to hasatan…he deserves no honor ).


It is our calling to instill the truth and power of the Word of Elohim in people so they may be victorious!

be Blessed and Not Stressed

Sherry Flannigan

A Study in Hebrews
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 1 / Part 2
Chapter 1 / Part 3
Chapter 1 / Part 4
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Pattern of the Cohen Ha Gadol
A major theme of the Epistle to the Hebrews is Yeshua as our Cohen ha Gadol.  In this teaching we take a look at the pattern of the High Priest given in Ex. 28:1-43: his function, the symbolism of his garments and the material used to make them. This pattern, given to us by Moses,  shows us the heavenly reality.
Newest teaching:
Hebrews Lesson 9 / 
Melchizedek Priesthood Overview
The writer of Hebrews emphasizes Yeshua as our Melchizedek Cohen HaGadol. What is a Melchizedek Priest?
This overview of the Melchizedek Priesthood will help us understand Yeshua's Melchizedek Priesthood as we continue our study of the Book of Hebrews.
Longing for His Appearing
Part One / The Fig Tree and 3 Forbidden Loves
Characteristics of Godly Conduct
Part 1
Part 2​​
Waterfalls of Destruction
Warning! Rapids Ahead/Part 1: Neglect
The Waterfall of Unbelief
Part 3 Apostasy
Part 4 Rebellion
Part 5 Falling short of God’s Grace
Spiritual Obstructions to Healing
Spiritual Obstructions to Healing Part 1
Spiritual Obstructions to Healing Part 2
Passover our Healing
Healing for the Broken Hearted
The Lamb Series:
The Nature of the Lamb
The Wrath of the Lamb
Clash of 2 Kingdoms:
Clash of 2 Kingdoms Part 1
Clash of 2 Kingdoms Part 2
Clash of 2 Kingdoms Part 3
Clash of 2 Kingdoms Part 4
The King's Series:
Part 1 - King's Light
Part 2 - King's Love
Part 3 - King's Forgiveness
Part 4 - King's Enemy
Part 5 - King's Blood / Our Focal Point
The Holy Spirit - Gift for the Bride:
Gift for the Bride Part 1
Gift for the Bride Part 2
Gift for the Bride Part 3
Gift for the Bride Part 4
Gift for the Bride Part 5
Gift for the Bride Part 6
Kingdom Chronicles:
- Sam Childers
- de Casiodoro De Reina
- Adoniram Judson  American Congregationalist
- George Lisle (Liele) Emancipated Pastor Slave

Passover - Pesach

New - Passover and The Melchizedek Priesthood

What is a Melchizedek Priest and what does He have to do with Passover?

The goal of this study is to answer those questions. Join me as we define a Melchizedek Priest and connect the dots to Passover.

Age Chart - Adam to Joseph

Obstructions to Healing -Passover Our healing

The Blood Speaks - A Passover Message


Prayer Matters 

Esther or Vashti?

New - Cora Mae's Purim Stories

Cora Mae Reithbaum:
Snake Story

'The Hammer Wars'

2 Baptist women and their First Bottle of       Shabbat Wine

New - Purim Stories

Thanksgiving Series 

The Mayflower Compact - Covenant with God

Harvest of Faith

True Thanksgiving Comes from the Heart

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit and the Human Spirit

The Person of the Holy Spirit

The Ministry and Work of the Holy Spirit 

Receive the Holy Spirit - First Fruits and Shavuot

The Prince of Peace Series

The Prince of Peace and the Paupers Part 1

The Prince of Peace and the Paupers Part 2


Kingdom Work Series

For the Sake of the Harvest

Morning Comes and also the Night



First Fruits - Yom HaBikkurim 

First fruits - The Rest of the Story



Transitioning from Mt Sinai to Mt. Zion

Receive the Holy Spirit - First Fruits and Shavuot

Promise of the Father



King's Light

Time to check the Oil

Cora Mae 'The Hammer Wars'



Bishop Salamat Khokhar

Sharlette Parker /

     Operating in the Gift of prophecy


Single Teachings

What IF ?... ( there were no forgiveness)

Claiming Our Inheritance

Abraham's Faith Step by Step

Don't be Brainwashed

You've got mail

The Way of Drawing Near

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