The Chameleon Church Show 

Lead Host: Allan Aguirre

Co-Host: Rabbi Darryl Weinberg

Co-Host: Pastor Lenny Perata

Tuesday start time / time zone schedule:

9:45 AM Eastern

8:45 AM Central

7:45 AM Mountain

6:45 AM Pacific

Past Episodes

  'The Chameleon Church Show' brings very forward topics to their shows that challenges even the most learned Torah and biblical scholar. They often have to respond to and defend their positions to listeners who want to debate them on their theological discussions.


History of The Chameleon Church Show and it's Hosts

  Allan Aguirre (producer and host) has an extensive background in the music and media industry. 

  Mark David Smith (owner of LAMB Network) brought him onto the then 'Tuesday Let Us Reason Together' show as a guest and then as a regular co-host. After a few weeks of less qualified, temporary hosts, Alan agreed to be the legitimate host. 

  Allan first appearance on the 'Tuesday Let Us Reason Together' show was March 27, 2018.

  The first 'Chameleon Church Show' aired on LAMB Radio (Audio) on July 17, 2018.

  Chameleon Church was already the name of one of Allan's ministries so it only seemed fitting to re-name the 'Tuesday Let Us Reason Together' show to 'The Chameleon Church Show' and let Allan format the show to his personality.

  Dr. Jamie Louis had served as a co-host from the beginning of the 'Tuesday Let Us Reason Together' show's inception and was determined to remain. Jamie had also been a regular on the 'Only Visiting This Planet' show, which was the forerunner for all the 'Let Us Reason Together' shows. He stepped down a year later and joined the 'Sunday Let Us Reason Together' show where he still serves as a co-host.

  Rabbi Darryl Weinberg came to LAMB Radio in the same month as Allan. They both started on the 'Tuesday Let Us Reason Together' show at roughly the same time.

  'The Chameleon Church Show' was the first in the LAMB Radio show line-up to step into the new LAMB Network video format. That first video show aired October 9, 2018.

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Allan's biography

Allan Aguirre has over 30 years experience working with many of Contemporary and Modern Christian Music's biggest names. 
  An accomplished and published songwriter, recording and touring artist, producer, speaker, writer and entrepreneur, many consider Mr. Aguirre one of the most influential alternative Christian artists.

  Allan serves as overseer of Chameleon Church, a gathering of non-denominational / Spirit-filled Believers of the Way. Established in the scriptural roots of the faith and advocating the One New Man (Eph. 2), Chameleon Church is partnered with the Glory of Zion International Ministries out of Corinth, TX, and is recognized as a “House of Zion” for the purposes of fellowship, worship, training and ministry.

  Mr. Aguirre's speaking engagements focus on challenging Christians to adhere to the biblical definition of their identity in Christ and their biblical role as a Royal Priesthood.

Allan and his wife, Cristina, have three children and four grandchildren.

  To book a speaking engagement with Mr. Aguirre, email us at

Producer & Lead Host: Allan Aguirre
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