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Through Ancient Eyes

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Host and Producer
Gail Heaton
Eastern: 3 PM
Central: 2 PM
Mountain: 1 PM
Pacific: 12 PM

Through Ancient Eyes is your opportunity to learn unexpected insights into the ancient near east culture, uncovering how much better our God is compared to any other power we might ever try to put our hope and trust in.

You’ll come away with a better understanding of the culture in which the Torah was given, you’ll know what the ancients were up against, and you will get a greater sense of how God met the ancients exactly where they needed Him to.

By seeing what He has done for the ancients, you’ll be encouraged to trust Him that much more to meet your modern needs, too.

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Gail Heaton, MA has a Master's Degree in Family Life Science.

Gail ministers in the foster and adoption field specializing in sibling relationships in blended families.

She has authored three books and two video courses on the subject of preparing siblings for new brothers and sisters from traumatic backgrounds.

Gail is the author of the soon-to-be released book series: Through Ancient Eyes: A Walk Through Torah Based on Insights from the Ancient Near East.

She is a writer and teacher passionate about empowering others to take a chance on God and trust Him in all areas of life.

Gail and her husband Randy live in Missoula, Montana.

They have 7 adult children and one granddaughter, most of whom live nearby.

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