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Saturday at sundown marks the end of Shabbat and the commencement of Havdalah, a brief ceremony marking the end of Shabbat.

Havdalah means “separation”. During Shabbat we were separated from the world, the “profane”.

At the end of Shabbat we are re-entering the world and the ordinary, daily tasks we undertake in life.

Our challenge is to carry that Shabbat rest to everything we do, as we walk in the Spirit of Y’shua daily.

We may perform a simple Havdalah ceremony that involves a braided candle and aromatic herbs that remind us of the light and sweetness of Shabbat.

This observance will serve as a jumping off point to a broader discussion of living our lives out as Jewish believers in Jesus.

We welcome all, Jews and Gentiles from every walk of life to discuss topics like marriage, discipleship, the Jewish holidays, and being part of the believing community.

As Messianic believers, how does our lifestyle bear witness to the unbelieving Jewish community whom we love and pray comes to salvation?

Jake Rosen

Jake Rosen was born in France but has lived in and around St. Louis since infancy. His family were refugees after WWII. Both his parents were Holocaust survivors. He became Bar Mitzvah in a small synagogue in University City and loved to draw, paint & sculpt since he could remember. Soon after attending Art Students League of New York he came back to St. Louis and made the decision to believe in Jesus. These facts have all profoundly impacted his life and work.


He married Jeanne after attending Washington University in St. Louis and they became the parents of Josiah and Aliza. 

Jake was freelancing in illustration in those early years but he and Jeanne spent their resources helping to grow a community of Jewish believers in Jesus. 

They spent summers in Pasadena at Fuller Seminary taking classes together and earned Masters degrees in Intercultural Studies with a Concentration in Judaic at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Jake became one of the pastors of Clayton Community Church in 1991.

They are both presently building a Messianic Congregation called Beit Chesed which means “The house of loving kindness”. 

Jeanne is also passionate about promoting a love for the arts and its connection to faith and has taught art history at Lindenwood University.

Jeanne Rosen

Jeanne Rosen accepted Jesus as her savior at the age of 9yrs.

After a neighbor took her to Sunday School.

Jeanne’s father Leonard was Jewish but irreligious, and her mother Theresa was actively seeking for God.

After Jeanne’s salvation, her mom and 6 brothers and sisters followed in receiving salvation as well.


Jeanne was always drawn to art, and would go onto study Art History and Museum Studies, receiving undergraduate and masters degrees at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

During college she earned an internship at a local Art Museum, and has been there almost 21 years.

Jeanne and Jake met at Kibbutz, a youth group geared to reaching Jewish kids with the gospel.

Jeanne and Jake married in 1982 and took on the “Hebrew Christian” meeting of Clayton Community Church.

This meeting would eventually become B’shem Y’shua, the Messianic expression of CCC, and then Beit Chesed Messianic Congregation.

Jeanne enjoys discussing the connections between art and faith.

Jeanne is the mom of Josiah 37yrs. and Aliza, 35yrs. Both are married and live on opposite coasts.

Brief history of Beit Chesed:

In 2009, Max and Dolores Tepper, patriarch and matriarch of Beit Chesed, invited Jake to do some guest teaching at Beit Chesed after a congregational split.

Those guest visits soon turned into a permanent invitation to take on the leadership of the tiny congregation.

In 2010 we moved the congregation to Clayton Community Church, which is our church home, and have been having Shabbat services continuously since then.

We have a committed core of Jewish and Gentile believers and a symbiotic relationship with Clayton Community Church where Jake serves as a pastor as well.

We have traditional Torah services on Saturday, and observe all of the Jewish holidays.

Our mission is to provide community for Messianic believers and help them stand strong in their faith.


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