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Sherry Flannigan's Biography


Sherry Flannigan's religious childhood training was in the Roman Catholic Church. She sang in the choir and developed a love for liturgical and classical music at an early age. As a young adult, Sherry was a Chorus member of "Opera Memphis." During the time that she participated there she met a lady who talked much about God. This lady was the Shepherd that led Sherry into salvation by introducing her to the Lord. She met Him in a supernatural, dramatic way in 1980. During that time period, the "Charismatic Renewal" was sweeping through the Catholic Church and many Catholics were being baptized into the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Sherry, having a hunger in her heart to learn more about her new-found experience joined a charismatic prayer group. As an Opera singer, she was familiar with different languages and phonetics. The prayers of the different members of the group were a witness that the speaking in tongues was a true and actual language. She received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in its fullness ... the Shavuot experience as recorded in Acts, chapter 2. The Holy Spirit revealed the truth of the Word and she eventually left the Catholic Church.


She began attending a non-denominational assembly where she was introduced to the Passover meal by the Pastor at the Messianic Jewish Assembly in the community. They had services on Friday nights and she worked nearby so she started attending services there. It was there that she met her soon to be husband, Bob. They had an interesting courtship as all of their "dates" were going to services at different churches, church groups and home prayer meetings. They saw many moves of the Holy Spirit and His manifested presence among His people. There were many healings, miracles, deliverance's from demonic influences and opportunities to minister. Bob was involved in “Second Chance Prison Ministry “and Sherry was given the honor of receiving credentials to join him.


After their marriage they had made friends with the Messianic Jewish Assembly Group where they had met and served there in various capacities through the years. Bob and Sherry were on the teaching team and taught The Torah from the Bema. Sherry was a member of the Praise and Worship team. She also served as a teacher for Shabbat School for the nine to twelve year old group and was in charge of the Shabbat School for a short period of time.


It was during this time of teaching that she realized the children knew the Bible stories but had not read them in the Bible itself. She chose The Torah portions for her curriculum which was a great enhancement into the spiritual understanding and growth in the lives of the children. Bob and Sherry served in the Messianic Assembly until 2004 until they were led to form Alef Tav Fellowship, a home based Bible/Torah study group


Bob and Sherry were from a Charismatic background and they found a great lack of knowledge about the Holy Spirit and His supernatural gifts in the Messianic movement. They began hosting Shavuot weekend conferences in 2009. The vision was for more teaching about the Holy Spirit especially on the Feast of Shavuot when the Holy Spirit was sent from above after the Messiah ascended. They hosted weekend conferences from 2009 until 2012 engaging various messianic teachers.


During the years 2013 through 2018 the Fellowship celebrated Pentecost/Shavuot as an assembly with different local teachers. In 2019 they again hosted a conference with well known teachers Valerie Moody and Eddie Chumney. .•

Sherry also organized and hosted a "Women's Prayer Conference Workshop" in March of 2017. Valerie Moody was the teacher and as she taught on each kind of prayer, the women broke into groups and prayed. The Holy Spirit ministered to the women and they experienced His manifest presence among them. The testimonies from many of the women were that the teachings and prayer time gave them a better understanding of the types of prayer and they were inspired to spend more time in prayer. Shortly after the conference, Valerie published her book, "Hidden Treasures of Kingdom Prayer" which contain the teachings on prayer she gave at the conference.


Sherry is currently a producer and teacher on the show" His Great Name." She also joins Jo Cameron on "The Thursday Morning Prayer Room Warriors." She is also engaged with Sandi Craig and Jo Cameron and additional guests on the show "The Next Chapter." where they discuss a variety of topics from serious to fun. As time allows she joins the weekly Torah study, ''Torah Study Among Friends" and she submits news reports for "Four Corners News Reports."

All of the above can be seen on the Messianic Lamb Radio YouTube network which is accessed at



Sherry is a gifted, anointed, leader, teacher, organizer, producer and enabler of the Messiah's plan for His people. She is a sweet spirited, loving emissary of the Gospel with one goal in mind and that is to fulfill the will of The Father and carry the message of The Messiah and His salvation throughout the world. She lives the example for everything she teaches!

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