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- The Mission Statement of The LAMB Radio/Video Network:

Our ministry's mission is to promote other ministries of integrity by providing a safe avenue of telecasting their message with regard to Yeshua as our Messiah.

- The Vision Statement of The LAMB Radio/Video Network:

To provide the world with quality programming that helps build a safe environment to learn to live a Messianic lifestyle within an on-line Messianic community.

As a producer of a LIVE video telecast on The LAMB Radio/Video Network, you are an integral part of this network of believers. Without you and the producers who have gone before, there is no LAMB Network.

You do your telecast because you have the passion to reach as many people as you can with the message God gave you. LAMB has the same passion.

In an effort to improve The LAMB Network in a way that will attract a larger audience to your telecast and The LAMB Radio / Video Network as a whole, it is important to us to know your thoughts about a variety of topics.

The questionnaire below will help us build a better network which hopefully will be an encouragement for our audience now and in our viewers lives going forward.

Your truthful and honest answers to these questions is what we need. Please do not worry about offending. All feedback is good whether it's good or not. :)

Questions with an *(asterisk) are required.

Thank you for participating in this questionnaire.
3. Is The LAMB Radio/Video Network mentioned on your website?
4. Do you monitor the LAMB website chat feature during your telecast?
(You can monitor the website chat feature in a tab by itself by going to
5. Do you tell your audience that they can watch your show for one week on the LAMB website ‘On-Demand’ feature?
6. Do you inform your audience that they can submit their prayer needs to the LAMB website and have them prayed over on our daily, live War Room telecasts?
7. Do you have (a) way(s) of inviting people to, and/or promoting your weekly telecast?
8. Do you watch any shows on The LAMB Network (other than your own show)?
9a. In your opinion, are there any shows presently on LAMB that shouldn't be on The LAMB Network?
10a. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the LAMB website, the schedule, promoting your telecast or any other part of The LAMB Network?
11a. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve The LAMB Network ministry as a whole?

Thanks for your feedback!

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