Primer To Torah

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John Reed Austin

Eastern: 3 PM
Central: 2 PM
Mountain: 1 PM
Pacific: 12 PM

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Eastern: 9:30 AM

Central: 8:30 AM
Mountain: 7:30 AM
Pacific: 6:30 AM

John Reed Austin brings one of the most comprehensive studies into the Psalms, The Aleph Tav, Nineveh, Lamentations and various other topics that LAMB has ever presented.

John Reed Austin grew up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have played an influential role in shaping their signature sound.

Now, as a well-respected Musician, they aim to offer something different and unique to their fans by creating and sharing original music.
For some, music is just a way to let out a little bit of energy, but for John Reed Austin it’s so much more than that– it’s a way of life.