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Founder and owner of Remnant Remedy and host of Remnant Radio, Nitza’s passion is to stir the Spirit of the Bride to realize she IS the LIVING STONES TABERNACLE which the LIGHT of Elohim longs to ingather and indwell!  Her focus is on restoring the Lost Treasures of Israel such as linen, essential oils and electromagnetic frequencies and how they relate to AMaR and DaBaR (the Living Vibrating Breath, Thoughts and Words of YHWH).  Since 1989, Nitza (a 30-year veteran homeschool mom) has inspired the message and vision of raising a remnant to be prepared, expect and endure the Trials of Jacob, and to COME OUT OF EGYPT. 


Nitza’s background, experience and training includes four plus decades of learning how and helping others to take back responsibility for personal health care and that of our families by using natural foods, herbs and, especially, essential oils.  In addition to practical experience, Nitza is a trained Certified Aromatherapist with an emphasis on Artisan Bible Based Aromatherapy™ (A.B.B.A.).  She created the Aroma Prayer Spa™, Aroma Response Testing™ (A.R.T.) and Rainbow Covenant™ (R.C.T.) therapies.  She incorporates these unique methods of aromatherapy for Weekend Retreat and Workshop attendees; and, will eventually teach via Remnant Remedy Academy™ (online).

She brings a well-rounded look at Living and Learning a ResTorahtion Lifestyle along with a professional background as a Business and Telecommunications Manager, Health Coach, Private School Administrator & Teacher, Owner and Director of a Children’s Home including Prison Ministry Caring for Babies Born to Incarcerated Mothers, Curriculum Author and Counselor for Home Educators, Volunteer Fire Fighter, Survival and Homestead Real Estate Agent, Journalist, and Radio Producer.  Nitza is a mother to five living children and seven grandchildren. She, recently, graduated her youngest child after 30+ years of homeschooling. 

Nitza produced and hosted the Remnant Mama Radio Show on Hebrew Nation Radio. Currently, she produces Remnant Radio on Messianic LAMB Radio.  Visit Remnant Radio archives at  Nitza and her husband of 27 years live in Oregon with their two youngest sons.

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