Purim Party Broadcast

Keeping Focus in Distracting Times Presents

Sunday / February 21

We'll read the book of Esther (with enthusiasm!)

Play some games! Yeah!

The Messianic LAMB Video Network Presents

 Keeping Focus on Purim

in Distracting Times 

The LAMB Network's original show 'Keeping Focus in Distracting Times' has now moved from broadcasting an episode every first Sunday of a month to holding special broadcasts

for events and / or Moedim

Your Hostess 
Sherry Flannigan
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LAMB Hosts on this broadcast:

Sherry Flannigan / Hostess with the Mostess

Mark David Smith

Nitza Moshe

Rabbi Darryl Weinberg

Milena Weinberg

and possibly Yossi Weinberg

Karla Amos

Time Zone
Broadcast times
Noon Eastern
11 AM Central
10 AM Mountain
9 AM Pacific

Yes we know that Purim is on Thursday, February 25th, but we thought you might be having your own Purim party or joining someone else's Purim party on Thursday. This way you can party with us on Sunday and your home-pals on Thursday. Two parties - two parties - all for you!


This is our plan for broadcast festivities:

- Introduction to Purim and all the hosts (be in the chat room and we'll shout out to you too)

- Read the book of Esther (along with all the Yeahs, boos, ach-choos, tsk tsk's, ahhhhh's, God Bless you's... so on and so forth). We'll give you the list of calls before we start the reading (you'll get the hang of it - everybody joins in!) 

- Discussion of Purim and Esther after the reading

- Games!

So join the party and have some fun with us for Purim!

You can watch the craziness on the player above or join in by watching and chatting here.

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