The Messianic LAMB Video Network Presents

 Keeping Focus in Distracting Times 

Practical advice to people of all ages on how to keep focus on the Almighty while handling the struggles that face us at every time and season of life.  

This is the first of several - three hour conferences - all dedicated to 

'Keeping Focus In Distracting Times'

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The Messianic LAMB Video Network
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Your Hostess for all conferences
Sherry Flannigan   
First Conference - April 5, 2020
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Bishop Salamat Khokhar
An International Healing Evangelist and Hebrew Roots Teacher, now living in the Netherlands, who oversees 108 churches in Pakistan and has ministered across the USA since 2001.
Sherry Flannigan
Producer of the Lamb Network original show 'His Great Name' teaching basics of our faith
Host of the Lamb Network original show 'Thursday War Room' 
Co host of the Lamb Network original show 'The Next Chapter' 
/ Valerie Moody
An internationally recognized author, teacher, and artist who explores the Hebraic foundation of the Christian faith.
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