The Messianic LAMB Video Network Presents

 Keeping Focus on Prayer

in Distracting Times 

Effectual fervent prayer is needed more today than ever, yet seems to be the one thing

that falls to the wayside in these 'Distracting Times!'

The LAMB Network is bound in a solemn promise to not only pray through these troubling days, but bring to the forefront, or front lines of battle, prayer warriors who have committed their lives to 'Keeping Focus on Prayer in these Distracting Times'

Best Selling Author 
Dr. Dinah Dye
and the
Prayer Team
Your Hostess 
Sherry Flannigan
Archives of past 'Keeping Focus in Distracting Times' conferences:
First Conference - April 5, 2020
Bishop Salamat, Sherry Flannigan & Valerie Moody
Second Conference - May 3, 2020
John & Sandi Craig, Sarah and Cam Wallace & Norm and Deborah Franz
Third Conference - June 7, 2020
James O'Hare, Rabbi Darryl Weinberg & Eddie Chumney
Forth Conference - July 5, 2020
AviGayle O'Hare, Milena Weinberg & Dr. Robin Gould
Fifth Conference - August 2, 2020
Judith Garton, Kennard Levi Brown & Allan Aguirre 
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