Keeping Focus in Distracting Times 

July 5
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Practical advice to people of all ages on how to keep focus on the Almighty while handling the struggles that face us at every time and season of life.  

The LAMB Network is working to bring you 3 hour conferences /

The first Sunday of each month / All dedicated to 'Keeping Focus In Distracting Times'

Your Hostess for all conferences
Sherry Flannigan   
Next conference: July 5
This month's speakers
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Author, teacher, producer...

Along with her husband James, have shared in the ups and downs of LAMB Radio since the early days of of its production. They are always there with encouragement no matter the process or outcome. They have hosted, co-hosted, been a guest on & produced many shows through the years of LAMB Radio and the Network.

Website: Israel My Delight

Time Zone Start Times
Noon - Eastern
11 AM - Central
10 AM - Mountain
9 AM - Pacific

Teacher, wife, mother...

Milena joined in with the LAMB team right behind her husband Rabbi Darryl Weinberg when we needed LIVE broadcast prayer warriors and has been ready to help and volunteer wherever needed. She is a valuable asset to the LAMB Network.

Website: ALTTN Messianic Ministries

Time Zone Start Times
1 PM - Eastern
Noon - Central
11 AM - Mountain
10 AM - Pacific

Author, Teacher, hostess...

Robin jumped at the chance to do a show back in the radio days and instantly became a hit show with loyal followers. When LAMB changed over to video she held back for a season and then came back with the force of a mighty wind and is making a name for herself once again.

Website: New Covenant Path

Time Zone Start Times
2 PM - Eastern
1 PM - Central
Noon - Mountain
11 AM - Pacific
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