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3/29/21 - Length/50.18
Biden's Department of Health Trans Woman

LifeSite / Biden names transgender ‘woman’ as Assistant Secretary of Health

Senate confirms transgender man ‘Rachel’ Levine to HHS post

From the LAMB Original show Monday Reason UnCensored News
From 'Sunday 'Let Us Reason Together'
Published 3/1/21 - Length/25.23
Equality Act Revisited
From 'The Next Chapter' Show 
Published 8/23/19 - Length/38.23
HR5 Update - Drag Queen Story Hour
Published 8/9/19- Length/21:29
Paedophilia 8/9/19
Conference Speaker Video Archives
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These 5 related videos were not able to be shown during the conference.
Published 5/31/19- Length/15:05
Dr. David Jones
Ruach Ministries International
Published 5/31/19- Length/8:53
Sherry Flannigan
His Great Name (show on LAMB)
Published 5/31/19- Length/16:36
Rabbi James and Rabbis AviYah Byers
Melo HaGoyim Learning Center
                                        (show on LAMB)
Published 5/31/19 - Length/15:00
Mike Clayton
Joined To HaShem Ministries
Published 6/1/19 - Length/9:15
Lex Myers
UNLEARN the lies
Published 6/1/19 - Length/9:15
Original Four Corners News Report
that sparked Mark Smith to create this conference
John Craig Reporting