These 5 related videos were not able to be shown during the conference.
Published 5/31/19- Length/15:05
Dr. David Jones
Ruach Ministries International
Published 5/31/19- Length/8:53
Sherry Flannigan
His Great Name (show on LAMB)
Published 5/31/19- Length/16:36
Rabbi James and Rabbis AviYah Byers
Melo HaGoyim Learning Center
                                        (show on LAMB)
Published 5/31/19 - Length/15:00
Mike Clayton
Joined To HaShem Ministries
Published 6/1/19 - Length/9:15
Lex Myers
UNLEARN the lies
Published 6/1/19 - Length/9:15
Original Four Corners News Report
that sparked Mark Smith to create this conference
John Craig Reporting

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