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  "'Highest Praise Church' in Shallotte North Carolina is a phenomenon. A remarkable entity that has helped to  fill a void in my life today that I've needed since leaving the church to live in the Messianic lifestyle over 24 years ago.

  Three times a week, approximately 500 congregants flood into this 'power-house' church to corporately worship the One and Only Most High and apprentice in the Kingdom by gathering unto themselves the uncompromisingly taught Word of God!

  - Worship / some of the strongest vocals I have ever heard led by Amy Powell. The musicians, led by CJ Walker make you feel as though you are at a 'Third Day' concert every time, every time.

  - The Word / Pastor, apostle, evangelist, teacher, preacher Sherwood Lancaster brings each individual soul the old world 'hell-fire and damnation' preaching by touching the 21st Century man and woman of God with a passion and balance that keeps that soul caught up with their own personal repentance."              Mark David Smith

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Latest Published Segment

Published 1/28/2020- Length/4.37
There's A Breakthrough
Lead: Amy Powell

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