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Unprecedented times beckon us to live extraordinary lives for we were born for such a time as this. 

To accomplish the tasks laid before us we have need of vibrant and healthy community relationships. 

Psalm 133 admonishes us to dwell together in unity. 

The description of what that will look and feel like is likened to the precious ointment upon the head of Aharon, that ran down upon his beard.  That oil ran all the way down to the skirts of his garments; with a blessing of Yahuah that brings life. 

The focus of the Heart of the Tribe show is to discover and put to use tools of the Ruach that foster life in the community equipping us to Arise and Shine in the midst of gross darkness inhabiting the nations.

Host and Producer
Chelle Wagner

I spent my career in the legal and banking fields as a Private Investigator and a Research Assistant.  

I am married to Robert Wagner the love of my life and biggest support in all my endeavors.  

I have an AS degree as a Paralegal.  

I spent many years using those skills to homeschool my lovely daughter, who now homeschools our five grandchildren.  

I worked in ministry in the capacity of Worship Leader, Pastor of Fine Arts, Event Coordinator, Public Speaker, and Teacher.  

In 2004 it was time to leave the traditional church system to pursue a knowledge of Torah, the Feasts of Yah, and the Shabbat.  The bonus reaped as I stepped out in faith was a keen interest to understand the history and characteristics of the Tribes of the Whole House of Yahshar’el developed and became a focus of my research.  

This has led to many opportunities to share on these subjects in person and in written articles.  

In addition to the  two broadcasts on Lamb Network TV, I maintain regular teachings on my YouTube channel and Brighteon.com Channel both entitled Heart of the Tribe.  

I have recently joined the staff at www.Cepheracademy.net where I will be teaching the Otiot, Ancient Pictographic Hebrew Letter Concepts and scriptural connections.
You may reach Chelle at heartofthetribe@protonmail.com