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Boker Tov Shows

Every Day 'Boker Tov' Shows

Boker Tov means Good Morning. 

A little music, the Shema, a little more music, the reading of the Shacharit prayers, a little more music, some scripture, a teaching, a little more music... thus you have the 'Boker Tov's'! Enjoy!

Thursday War Room Prayers

The Planet Chapter

The Planet Chapter 
Mark David Smith & Sandi Craig, having hosted over 1000 shows together, are morphing 2 of they're favorites into 1.
'Only Visiting This Planet' aired 5 days a week for 2 years (260 Shows) and 'The Next Chapter' aired 202 shows. 
They will bring back the fun from 'Planet' and the seriousness from 'Chapter'.

Life of Worship

Join John and Sandi Craig as they bring you their weekly message from the Life of Worship Congregation 

I Stand Amazed

Hosts Mark David Smith & Stephen Morgan

Mark David Smith and Stephen Morgan, along with guests from time to time discuss how amazing God is in multiple aspects.

Get Organized God's Way

Host Eileen Koff

A journey towards a clutter-free life that is deeply connected with God. I want to help you understand the spiritual significance of order and organization, and provide you with practical, actionable steps to declutter your physical spaces, manage your time effectively, and deepen your relationship with God. Through this process, my hope is to facilitate a transformation in your lives, enabling you to live more peacefully, purposefully, and in alignment with God's will.

The Sherry Flannigan Hour

The late Sherry Flannigan went to be with the Most High as a result of complications with covid.

She was one of not only the most respected of teachers within the LAMB Community, but of anyone on the planet.

She is and will always be missed and remembered with only thoughts of joy!

Remnant Radio

Host Nitza Moshe

Nitza, along with her guests and co-hosts discuss everything from viruses to essential oils.

One In Messiah

Host Dr. Phil Gigliotti

Phil's perspective on biblical based topics.

ASHREY It's Time to Bless!

Hosts David & Juanita Weiss
The Lord commands us to engross ourselves in the words of Torah. 
As we do, we get to see a sliver of His Kingdom each time. 
So Let’s embrace the Kingdom together as we examine a nugget from the weekly Torah readings! 

Quiet Strength

Host Wendy Lawson

Wendy's way of taking care of ourselves in life.

Joined to HaShem

Host Mike Clayton

Mike Clayton teaches various subjects.

Let Us Reason Together (Monday Edition ReBroadcast)

Host John Craig

John brings humor with 'Headline News' & 'Shower Thoughts' followed by Eddie and Tammy Johnson with their own perspective on the Torah portion.

Uncensored News with Dr. Dinah Dye

Hosts Dr. Dinah Dye & Dr. Rik Wadge

A weeks worth of top stories and current events discussed in one half hour.

Dr. Dinah Dye was raised in Ottawa, Canada, in a conservative Jewish home.  She attended Hebrew school, celebrated the festivals with her family, and enjoyed summers at an Orthodox Jewish summer camp. 

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