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Boker Tov Shows

Every Day 'Boker Tov' Shows

Boker Tov means Good Morning. 

A little music, the Shema, a little more music, the reading of the Shacharit prayers, a little more music, some scripture, a teaching, a little more music... thus you have the 'Boker Tov's'! Enjoy!

War Room Tuesday

Ruach Ha Emet Various Archives

Rabbi Darryl teaches on various topics from his Sabbath broadcast of 'Ruach Ha Emet'. These broadcasts are those teachings.

Torah Life

Host Paul Nison

From the LAMB Radio archives, Paul Nison gives his take on Torah and health.

Living Waters: Falling Deeper in Love with God's Word

Hosts Lauren Crews & Stephanie Pavlantos

Various Torah Based topics.

LAMB Event Archives

This time in our schedule is set aside to replay LAMB's memorable programs from past remote broadcasts.
This will also be the time when LAMB broadcasts our new LIVE Events.

Uncensored News with Dr. Dinah Dye

Hosts Dr. Dinah Dye & Dr. Rik Wadge

A weeks worth of top stories and current events discussed in one half hour.

Dr. Dinah Dye was raised in Ottawa, Canada, in a conservative Jewish home.  She attended Hebrew school, celebrated the festivals with her family, and enjoyed summers at an Orthodox Jewish summer camp.  

Uncensored News with John Craig

John discusses current event topics with Eddie and Tammy Johnson.

Reconnect / House of David

Host Barry Phillips

Your host: Barry Phillips, Elder with Bney Yosef NA, teacher, and worship leader is the founder of Remnant of Yisrael and of House of David in Gloucester Pt., VA in 2002. In addition to Reconnect, he co-hosts Foundations For Life with Mike Clayton. 

Two and One Half Opinions

Hosts Chris Mathews Frank Zachor Jesse Mathews

Chris Matthews, Frank Zachor & Jesse Matthews discuss the week's Torah Portion and challenge your traditional way of looking at it.


Let Us Reason Together (Sunday Edition ReBroadcast)

Host James O'Hare with AviGayle O'Hare & Dr. Jamie Louis
Discussion on random Torah based topics, current events & the Torah portion.

Smarten Up! Biblical Education Principles

“Proverbs 22:6 says ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.’ 

Join Darryl & Milena Weinberg, founders of School Pods Canada as they discuss God’s design and methods for raising up the next generation.”

Messianic Joy

Host Evonne Mandela

Walking in Spirit and Truth

Hosts John and Sandi Craig

Torah based topics.

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On-Demand / Tuesday

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