Journey Through Torah / Shemot

Eventually Dr. Jones will have all the teachings from the Torah portions / But for now:
Bresheit/Genesis - /Shemot/Exodus -
Leviticus - Numbers - Devarim/Deuteronomy

Latest Published Segment

Published - 1/22/2020 - Length/1.16.57


Shalom Y'all, this week we look at Yah sharing with Moshe that He is about to "show up" on behalf of His people and His covenant. How will Israel respond? How will Pharaoh respond?

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Published - 1/15/2020 - Length/1.03.43


Shalom Y'all, this week we talk about character and identity. We find Israel in Exile, feeling forgotten, in bondage, crying out for deliverance. Yah calls out Moshe and sends him back to Egypt. What will happen? Check it out!


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