Answers For Our Time

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Hosts and Producers Jessica Knock & Dr. Stephen Pidgeon
Eastern: 2:30 PM
Central: 1:30 PM
Mountain: 12:30 PM
Pacific: 11:30 AM

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If you ever felt like you're missing something when reading the Bible.

A key piece of the puzzle you haven’t been able to fit.

Then, “Answer’s for this Time” is for you, presented to you by Dr. Stephen Pidgeon and Jessica Knock.  

We explore the void of the 400 year gap between the Old and New Testament; examining; why since the return of the Messiah, there is so little information to help us prepare for His second coming.

Books like Enoch and Jubilees, Jasher expound upon the history of mankind, whilst  Maccabees fill in the historical blanks between Malachi and the Gospels, and 2 Baruch and 4 Ezra further explain how the world looks as we draw near to the return of the Messiah.
Through the lenses of the Cepher: a compressive restoration of sacred scripture we will take a look at  such questions.

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Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

The founder and publisher of Cepher Publishing Group.