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Updated 9/24/2020
Contemplating The Constitution
with your host Mark David Smith
and anyone who'll join him
Updated 9/24/2020
Updated 9/8/2020
News Reports
and Discussions
from LAMB Shows
Updated 9/25/2020
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The Latest Video From Dawn Hagedorn
Updated 9/12/2020
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Miriam's Dilemma

A video series from 
Robin Gould
Updated 9/12/2020
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Old People Discuss

Old People Discuss

Our worship music is better than your worship music

Reason Segment

Reason Segment

Fun with Johnny Jo Bob, Guest and Guest Head

 Kids with  Masks

Kids with Masks

Biggest concern for children going back to school

Hearing The Voice of The Great I AM

Hearing The Voice of The Great I AM

A LAMB Virtual Event Valerie Moody & Sherry Flannigan

Nitza Moshe

Nitza Moshe


The needs of the many...

The needs of the many...

... outweigh the needs of the few or the one

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

are a vital part of

'The Messianic LAMB Network' structure. 

It is what sanctifies LAMB unto the LORD.

Most think that money is what drives a ministry.

LAMB believes that, without prayer and praise,

one has no ministry.

Please donate as the LORD leads.

This is list of every person involved with the LAMB Network production. With links to their personal page and show page.

This is a list of every show on the LAMB Video Network. With a link to the show information page and people who bring it to you.

There are many shows on the LAMB Network that have a variety of topics. If there is a special topic on a particular show we think you would like - you will find it on this page.

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