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Sunday’s time of broadcast:

Eastern: 3:00 PM

Central: 2:00 PM

Mountain: 1:00 PM

Pacific: 12:00 PM

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Tom Collins

Wife: Retta Collins

Location: Oklahoma

Messianic Lifestyle: Forever

LAMB Show: Host:

   ‘The Secret Place’

       / Sunday’s at 2 PM Central

Format: Discussion of topics from the Torah.

History with LAMB: Tom Collins is a good friend of Mark David Smith, the owner of The LAMB Network. Mark has described Tom as someone who knows scripture, uses the wisdom of scripture in conversation, life and teaching as well as any other Torah scholar on this or any other planet.

- Tom makes himself available to discuss the righteousness of God and his word whenever he is called. Tom’s reward in heaven will be immense!

- Tom has hosted the ‘Let Us Reason Together’ show on multiple days, several times and is one of the original co-hosts.

- He is one of the original co-hosts on the Tuesday “Chameleon Church Show’.

- He is a a regular on the Sabbath ‘Torah Study Among Friends’.

First broadcast on LAMB Radio: March 3, 2014 / 186 total broadcasts as ‘The Secret Place’ on the LAMB Radio website.

- There is no count on how many times Tom has been on other shows. At least 100+.

First broadcast on LAMB Network Youtube: November 11, 2018

Tom Collins is a valuable asset to The LAMB Video Network.