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Below are the Feedback Survey Responses to the question we asked,

“If you would tell a friend about LAMB, what you you say?

- LISTEN! Share. Support

- I've told many friends about LAMB radio. If they want an uplifting, upbeat, positive, family station to listen to then LAMB is it.

- LAMB is a place to be encouraged, uplifted and enlightened to the DaBaR - Word!

- I would let them know what an awesome radio station you are and that they would be so blessed by it and that it is a blessing to me.

- Lamb has a great variety of programs. I would also tell them that the line-up just recently changed with more new programs! I would tell them how much they can learn about our beliefs. (We have had a couple of friends and family who now go to the War room prayers on their own when they are in need. So we share the War Room ALL THE TIME! It's good ice breaker!)  

- I tell them that Lamb Radio is full of encouragement, great music & information for those in the Messianic walk. Also that it's very diverse and edifying.


- It is the best uplifting website you will find on the web.

- A blessing for you to stay focused on the King and the Kingdom

- I tell friends about this. The chat rooms, the prayer and programs and music.

- A very good variety of music and shows that help and encourage the journey.

- I already have,,,alot of my friends listen