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Have you noticed the lack of women teachers in the Messianic Lifestyle?
LAMB Radio is fighting back with a live conference called
The Hidden Voice of Hadassah

Join LAMB’s own teachers and musicians
James and AviGayle O’Hare of Israel My Delight
as they lead the discussion with

Wednesday March 7:
7 PM
Sandi & John Craig
8 PM
Brenda & Dave Mathews
9 PM
Call in’s & Discussion

Thursday March 8:
7 PM
Dr. Dinah Dye and her husband Mike,
8 PM Dr. Holissa Alewine and her husband Alan,
9 PM Call in’s & Discussion

Please call in to voice your opinions during this live conference
The phone number to call in will be announced during the conference
and the LAMBChat room will be open

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Only Visiting This Planet

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Or want to hear it again?

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Sunday @ 5 PM Central

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(Starting Feb 15) Thursday @ 5 PM Central

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