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Stepping stones with our Mashiach

Each of us start a journey when we make that incredible decision that changes our lives forever.

Then we find that the Stepping stones with our Mashiach is what the real journey is all about.

I’m reminded of Jabez’s prayer and I honestly couldn’t have found a better passage that reveals my heart when it comes to my own prayer to the One and Only True God and the ministry God has given my wife and me.

- In 1 Chronicles 4:10 it says:

o And Jabez made a prayer to the God of Israel, saying, If only you would truly give me a blessing, and make wider the limits of my land, and let your hand be with me, and keep me from evil, so that I may not be troubled by it! And God gave him his desire.

7 years ago, I and 7 friends started a weekly podcast called The Wall Watchmen.

- Each week, each of us brought a different audio article about events happening in the Messianic Lifestyle.

Over the next year we were interviewing

congregational leaders from around the world,

teaching commentaries on the lifestyle itself

and covering world news.

Then the ability to broadcast content 24/7/365 appeared and LAMB Radio came into existence.

The Messianic LAMB Radio has been my personal project since it’s inception back when we were doing the audio podcasts.

- After 7 years of serving the LORD by way of audio, 8 being the number of new beginnings, we’ve moved into serving the LORD by way of video.

The Messianic LAMB Radio, as you’ve known it for the past six years, will be going off air as of midnight December 31, 2018.

As of January 1st, 2019 we will be broadcasting all of our shows live on Youtube.

- This decision was made after deliberation and prayer by the LAMB Radio board on Sunday October21. 2018.

Regular audio programming will continue from the LAMB Radio website until the end of December.

- During this period of transition,

o we’ll be broadcasting some of our LIVE show’s

thru the LAMB Radio website,

and some only thru our YouTube Channel

This continues to be very successful already. So if you don’t hear a show being broadcast that you used to hear on the LAMB Radio website it’s broadcasting on our LAMBTube Youtube channel.

Most of the prerecorded shows will be moving over to LIVE Video either during this two-month transition time or shortly after the first of the year though again,during this transition you will hear them on the LAMB Radio website

The next two months,the LAMB Radio broadcasting crew will be in the planning and formatting stage while also transitioning to live video thru Youtube.

Please be patient with us, we promise you a better product than you were receiving thru the LAMB Radio website.

The LAMB Radio website will remain as an

- informational,

- promotional and

- transitional gateway

o to the LAMB Radio Youtube Channel,

o now, better known as LAMBTube!


Youtube allows you to play any music, but they add their own advertisements to your video if you play any copyrighted content.

- I do not want their handpicked commercials to be imbedded in LAMBTube’s videos.

- We are working on several playlists of

o audio only songs and

o music videos that can be played at your convenience.

- We are even working to provide

o videos of dance and worship,

o conferences and

o concerts,

o any kind of specialty content and events that make up our Messianic Lifestyle.

There’s a lot going on to make this Youtube channel happen

- Live shows

- Pre-recorded video shows

- music

- along with specialty content

o will fall into place as we progress

Bottom line is that all of our content will be video.

The LORD has expanded our boundaries and moving us into a new phase and a new format.

Keep watching the LAMB Radio website AND the LAMBTube Youtube Channel to see how we’re growing.

- Most of all we need you to SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

Thank you all for listening to The Messianic LAMB Radio in the past

- thank you for progressing with us as we reach around the world and give it a hug with the love of our Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach!

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